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Aitong Spring community access to safe water

Aitong WaterAitong Spring is the source of water for Aitong centre. The community collects its water from the spring either individually or by purchasing from water vendors who carry it on donkey carts. The tourist camps also send in their trucks to ferry water to the camps. The youth equally conduct Car wash services on the lower part using the same spring water. While during the dry season cattle from the neighboring area utilize the water. At night wildlife such as Elephants can access the water especially during the dry season.

Initially the villagers had to cope with a muddy hole with steep slippery banks, where filling of containers is extremely difficult. You can imagine the difficulties of lifting, and the risk of slipping with a 20 kg container of water out of such a location. With the assistance from one of the camps the spring was improved. An effort was made to prevent the water that flows out returning to contaminate the source. The villagers could then walk down water trough, place their container under the discharge pipe and then walk out with their load in safety.

The overall goal for the Aitong spring is to improve the Aitong community access to safe water from Aitong spring. A core team was set up to give focus to the spring and they came up with a plan of action.

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