Seiya Limited




We support local communities within and around the Conservancies we manage. We run an animal inoculation programme with the local communities to help protect the wildlife and the existing environment. See also under Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR). Seiya also run a community project within the Maasai Mara. The Obel project is a family foundation aimed at developing the local community.

Seiya have taken on the management of the project and have an allocated $1m budget over 3 years. The main focus for the project is to support education; this is being done through the provision of classrooms and dormitories at the Aitong primary school.

The Obel project teams also work with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya to share knowledge and information with schools and students. Obel have also established an IT training centre, with 12 computers and a trainer, providing the local community at Aitong with access to technology and the skills to use it.

The most recent project is an Envrionmental initiative to establish a Waste Management Programme at Aitong and MNC. The Obel project will collect waste and recycle, sell on or incinerate as required. It is hoped this project will become self-funding through the resale of waste plastic.