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Naboisho Conservancy

Naboisho LogoSeiya Ltd has been managing the 50'000 acre Mara Naboisho Conservancy since November 2010. Officially the Conservancy began in March 2011; however we were selected, as the management contractors, in late 2010 and began training rangers, erecting outposts and patrolling in preparation for the official opening.
When Seiya took over the management of the Conservancy there were a number of challenges surrounding the various stakeholders and priorities: There was minimal infrastructure, no water, 12 rangers, no vehicles and 24 beds available for tourism and moderate overgrazing of the area. Seiya has worked with all partners to find a balance amongst the competing priorities, whilst focusing on the primary objective of wildlife and ecosystem protection.
Today we have a network of access, management and game drive tracks, 3 vehicles dedicated to management, 2 boreholes, 50 staff and the infrastructure to support 6 lodges and 136 tourism beds. Rangers have been trained to a high standard and we support and protect one of the greatest wildlife densities on the planet. On top of this we rotate cattle from 9 different neighbouring communities through us following a holistic management model
Naboisho means "partnership" in Maa, the Maasai language, we are beginning to achieve this with our management of the area and are respected by both the Maasai and the Tourism Operators as acting independently for the good of the Conservancy.
The structure of Naboisho is complex and can result in conflict if each group is not in agreement with the plans and strategy for the Conservancy.

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