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The People - Key Personnel

Brian Heath - Director

Brian HeathI have over 40 years experience working with wildlife and cattle in Kenya.  I have spent the last twelve years managing the Mara Triangle for Mara Conservancy.  In this role I have developed a strong team that I deploy in the management and security of the Triangle as well as the other conservancies under my remit. 

I have supported the team members in pursuit of further training and qualifications.  I have a broad ranging skill set, but have particular expertise in managing relationships both between stakeholders and government officials as well as local communities.


Sue Heath - Director

Sue HeathI have 40 years experience working in variety of environments, rural, bush and urban, farm, small business and corporate.  I have valuable skills in organisation, people and team management. 

My strength lies in creative problem solving and crisis management, I enjoy the challenging nature of problem solving in Kenya where resources and skilled people can be difficult to locate.  I enjoy working both as part of a team as I have most recently in Newport Africa and independently as I have done for much of my experience.  I have spent time working in the hospitality industry and I have developed skills in managing people, suppliers and clients and have learned the importance of building and maintaining relationships with all those I come in contact with.

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Patrick M. Siparo - Project Manager Bright Green Project (BGP)

Patrick SiparoI have twenty years experience in various roles within the public service of Kenya, the private sector and donor funded projects.  I am currently working for Seiya Limited, based in the Mara North Conservancy, heading a project that improves community livelihoods. 
Prior to this I worked at the Northern Rangelands Trust in charge of seven conservancies, working as a mentor to the managers, supporting the boards in governance, board training & community conservation awareness programmes. As well as taking the lead within NRT in assessing then starting new conservancies and leading NRT conflict mitigation initiatives.

I have 3 years experience as an administrative officer at the Mara Conservancy and a further two years experience as a Managing Director at Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust, one of Kenya’s most successful wildlife community-based organizations. I am skilled at empowering people to manage community projects. My areas of expertise are negotiation, protecting the environment, improving relations amongst communities and restoring harmony and confidence amongst conflicting or vulnerable people.

Marc Goss

Manager of Mara Elephant Project MEP

MarcI am a qualified and experienced conservancy manager with both local and international experience.  I have spent the last few years managing the Mara North Conservancy (MNC) and for the last two years have also managed the Mara Elephant Project (MEP) in tandem with my conservancy role. 

I have good communication skills and am very effective at building relationships; I have used these skills to become a successful fundraiser for MEP. 

I am currently coaching a member of the team and am passing on the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last 10 years.

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Manager of Naboisho Conservancy

Justin Heath I am an experienced team manager and can motivate and drive a team to achieve impressive targets.  I am very driven and have used my experience in sales to improve the customer experience, relationships with local stakeholders and communities as well as setting strong objectives for the team to achieve.

I have undertaken an extensive project to improve the grazing within Naboisho conservancy and the implementation of my rotation schedule has led to a vast improvement in the standard of the overall grazing available.  I have advised and provided the necessary guidance to a number of other conservancies to assist in the implementation of this model.


James Hardy

Manager of Ol Choro Conservancy

James Michael Hardy I have two years experience working in the area of conservancy and have become a good team manager. 

I have expanded my areas of responsibility and am assisting with the management of the larger Mara North Conservancy, whilst maintaining my role in Ol Choro. 

This is giving me the opportunity to learn from some of the more experienced Seiya team.


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